Energy Smart Panelized Homes

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What is eSIPS?

Energy Smart Panels (eSIPS) is a panelized wall and roof system that was developed to provide our clients with a high performance and efficient building option that can be built faster than a stick-built home. eSIPS wall and roof panels are pre-assembled and insulated using dimensional framing lumber and closed cell spray foam insulation. 


Every eSIPS panelized home, addition or garage project starts as a 3D CAD model. This model allows us to create a piece by piece list of lumber, sheathing, siding, roofing and insulation components needed for your new home. By detailing every component of a home, we are able to estimate project costs more accurately than traditional methods saving the owner money by not over-ordering.


Not only do you benefit from precise estimating and material procurement, but every piece of lumber is cut to exacting tolerances on our dedicated CNC cutting machines. By fabricating in our shop's controlled environment, we eliminate "weather delays," mis-cuts, layout errors and costs associated with jobsite waste removal.   


After we have your project assembled in our shop, it is time to spray the foam insulation and load on the trucks for delivery to your jobsite. At the jobsite, the wall and roof panels can be erected by your builder of choice. We are your one stop shop for your new panelized home kit that includes the full weather tight shell for your new home!

What's included in our eSIPS home packages? Visit our eSIPS package and specs page!

CNC machine panelized home
Robotic Cutting Machine
panelized wall
Panelized walls are ready for spray foam insulation
panelized home system
Spray foam insulation has been applied to wall panels