eSIPS®: Energy Smart Insulated Panel System

A Panel Home Division of Davis Timber Frame Company

What is eSIPS?

eSIPS = Energy Smart Insulated Panel System, is a division of timber home manufacturer Davis Frame Company that has been developed to provide the consumer with a sustainable, green building option for prefab homes and structural panel home kits.  eSIPS is a pre-assembled, insulated wall and roof system using conventional framing lumber and closed cell foam that incorporates soy bean oil to replace a portion of the petroleum that is traditionally used in polyurethane foam insulation.

Partnering with the company BioBased Insulation, eSIPS uses foam produced from soy beans grown in the United States to create a complete thermal envelope for the homeowner. The growing and processing of soy employs workers in the United States, and its use in foam insulation lessens our dependence on imported petroleum products.  Our product is a great alternative to Structural Insulated Panel (SIPS) construction! BioBased Insulation also replaces the chemical blowing agents commonly used in spray foam insulation with water which is healthier as well as environmentally responsible.

Every eSIPS panel home, garage or addition project starts as a 3D-CAD model.  This model allows us to create a piece by piece list of lumber, sheathing, siding, roofing and insulation components needed for your new home.  By detailing every component of a home we are able to estimate project costs more accurately than traditional methods saving the owner money by not “over-ordering.” 

Not only do you benefit from precise estimating and material procurement, but every piece of lumber is cut to exacting tolerances on our dedicated CNC cutting machines.  Fabricating in our shop’s controlled environment we eliminate “rain delays," mis-cuts, layout errors and costs associated with jobsite waste removal.   

After we have your project assembled in our shop, it time to spray the foam insulation and load on the trucks for delivery to your jobsite.  At the jobsite, the panels can be erected by your builder of choice or our own in-house erection crew. eSIPS is your one stop shop for a panel home kit that includes the exterior shell for your new home!

CAD Insulated Panel Home
3D CAD Model
Panelized Home Manufacturer
Robotic Cutting Machine
Insulated Wall Structural Panels
Wall Panels ready to be installed

eSIP Wall Panel Specifications:

  2x6 dimensional lumber studs @ 16" on center with 7/16" O.S.B exterior sheathing
2)  Walls are assembled with window and door rough openings framed in place with headers and all required framing
3)  3" of BioBased foam insulation yeilding R-20

Options include:
A)  Pre-drilled studs for ease of electrical wire installation
B)  Additional 1" expanded polystyrene on the exterior for a R-27 insulation value.

eSIP Roof Panel Specifications:

1)  2x10 or 2x12 dimensional lumber rafters @ 16" on center with 5/8" CDX sheathing
2)  6" of BioBased foam insulation yielding and insulation value of R-40

Options Include:
A)  Prefinished Premium tongue and groove pine roof decking


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